To achieve its mission, Canadian Academy for Sciences & Technology (CAST) has adopted many invocative & bold approaches to satisfy various needs of learners, fulfilling their dreams & helping them through the high seas of knowledge around the globe.

It's always been the dream of many of us to travel around the world; to learn from many cultures; to probe new opportunities, and definit  It's always been the dream of many of us to travel around the world; to learn from many cultures; to probe

About us

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Thanks to science & the extra-ordinary advances in the field of Information Technology & Communications, which truly, made the world ,a small village, making it possible to bridge the barriers & borders across the globe, connecting people of different communities , linking their cultures; extending their knowledge ; exchanging their experiences; eventually enriching their lives…




That's why  Canadian Academy for Sciences & Technology (CAST) has been established in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, at the beginning of the new millennium, with a global mission in mind, which is expressed into its slogan;























The Mission:


Our slogan that mostly expresses our mission is;


"Bridging Dimensions, Linking Cultures & Creating Opportunities"



















§         Giving the Educational Process a new era, by bridging dimensions of time & space; using the latest Information Technology & Communication Advancements;

§         Linking Cultures that have been held apart for very long;

§         So, you can get your undergraduate or postgraduate degree, directly from Canada, USA  or Europe,  without leaving your home country,   

§         Hence; streaming & enriching experiences in many directions and creating more opportunities for a better, richer & more meaningful life.

§         The evolution of our Canadian Academy for Sciences and Technology Programs proves how apt we are learning and make you learn. We integrate the credibility of the Public Institution, the credibility of the Canadian & American Institute and the commitment of the Intercultural Strategic Co-coordinator.





CAST believes that self-know and well-taught Students of today will become self-taught and well-know Learning-Organization leaders of tomorrow.












§         CAST's goal is to satisfy the vastly growing needs for high quality learning levels in an aggressively completive environment in the fields of Education & Training.  


§         In this respect, CAST provides a learning environment that fosters relationship building and collaboration in a truly global context. Through our uniquely and self engineered Blended Educational Formula, CAST offers its learners both quality education and flexibility.


  1. §         Unlike the traditional university system, the E-university of Blended Educational Formula, lends itself to an adaptable curriculum that can be updated quickly to reflect the development of new issues and trends. CAST's experience and success in adopting and implementing this electronically based, Blended Educational Formula of (E-university) led to cooperation with well-known educational institutions.




Our Learning Edge:


To achieve its mission, Canadian Academy for Sciences & Technology (CAST) has adopted many invocative & bold approaches to satisfy various needs of learners, fulfilling their dreams & helping them through the high seas of knowledge around the globe. Canadian Academy for Sciences and Technology concepts and vision of high quality education standards are achieved through:


1.      Unique International Educational Services:

a.      Canadian/ American Courses with Modern Educational delivery .Systems and Effective communication tolls.

b.      Registration in Canada/ USA and Middle East Countries,(Egypt) simultaneously from the first year of joining the program.

c.      Free Access to the Canadian/ American University Library.

d.      Getting Bachelor Degree(s) and Masters Degree(s) from Canada/ USA without leaving home country, plus the local degree.

e.      Optional to travel to Canada through Student Exchange Programs


2.      Modern Educational Methodology based on Variety of teaching means:

a.      Link to Global Universities Libraries and Academic Institutions

b.      Academic Courses based on research and communications 

c.      Improve the skills and expertise of the academic staff.

d.      Introduce the concept of self learning and electronic communication

e.      Training programs to administrative leaders.


3.      Blended Learning Methodology: 








a.      The Learning Methodology is an innovative approach to the development of the Educational Process that brings the level & Quality of Education to a new Horizon.

b.      This approach ensures the full interaction between the instructor & the students as well as the scientific materials, which is the optimum mix of a distinguished & effective way of learning, in the view of our mission of Bridging Dimensions, linking Cultures & creating new opportunities.

c.      It is the first time to be implemented on this   Scale….., Quality……, and  Delivered  Services…


4.          The Educational Information Technology Network:

§       A Large Information Technology Network has been built across continents, with four main campuses established:

1.      The Canadian Campus (in New Brunswick, Canada)

2.      The French Campus  (in Paris, France)

3.      Two Egyptian Campuses (Nasr City, Ain-Shams University in Cairo, Egypt).

§       It incorporates two integrated types of physical networks that work together seamlessly   and in Harmony.


1.    Data Network:  Containing  350 Computers Network  (Class C)


2.    Audio Visual Communications Network: Containing Six Systems of Videoconferencing working over IP and two backup videoconferencing systems working over ISDN.



3.    The Infrastructure Communication Lines incorporates: Three E1 Lines & one T1 Line, with a VPN networking Infrastructure





§       CAST operates through its branches in Canada and Egypt in addition to France.

§       Our offices are equipped with the latest IT equipments & infrastructure which facilitate implementation of the above mentioned methodology

§       We have a proven track record of quality delivery using these methods for the last nine years

§       The currently Educational & Training programs are delivered by an Academic Committee of Egyptian, Canadian, American and French professors.



Track Record of Experience


In the Field of Educational Programs:


1.      Undergraduate Programs:


a)     SAMS / UNB BBA Program (Since 1998): (jointly with Sadat Academy for Management Science (SAMS) in Egypt, and University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Canada.)


§         CAST has launched its first program (BBA) in 1998; This program (SAMS UNB BBA) was the first of its kind in Egypt and the region that awards its graduates a degree from a Canadian University s well as a degree from Sadat Academy without the need to travel abroad.


§         The program uniquely offers its students the opportunity to experience new teaching / studying methodologies. Up-dated curricula have been developed according to Canadian and international standards that enhance graduates' opportunities in building their careers.


§         The objective of this program is to provide students with the necessary concepts, theories, and skills to assume leadership positions in business organizations. Graduates are equipped with the analytical, technical, and creative skills required to support sound decision making in today’s high-tech, global business environments. In addition, this innovative program awards the degree to students while studying in Egypt.


§         CAST established as well one of its kind; the Information Technology Educational Network (ITEN), which is composed of two high tech networks working seamlessly together at the same time. Through the fast Ethernet of Audio/Video/ data network, fully interactive electronically based courses, as well as lectures could be delivered from Canada to Egypt on a Real-Time basis. Canadian instructors, accordingly, are delivering courses from Canada to their students and our program students in Cairo at the same time, facilitating cultural exchange and the transfer of academic up-to-date knowledge.


§         The program facilitates as well students’ exchange; students in the program can visit the campus in Fredericton- Canada at any time for attending the various courses, join activities, and conduct researches.




2.      Postgraduate Programs:


a.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   MBA in Community Economic Developments (Since 2001): (in Collaboration with Cape Breton University, Canada)


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The content of the MBA (CED) program is unique and blends subjects in business and social science discipline with community economic development practice. Based on the principle of process learning, the program will turn out skilled and able graduates.

§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Out of its experience in the field, CAST has recognized that it is extremely important nowadays that managers and executive staff members acquire strong managerial abilities that would enable them to professionally manage their daily businesses. They should acquire as well a comprehensive ability to understand modern management techniques that would enhance their performance and enable them to cope with the abilities of managers working in multinational corporations.



§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Our Egyptian key figures (staff) only need to acquire such professional modern management techniques, and constant follow-up of the latest techniques in the field.



§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Accordingly, the MBA Program was offered including modern management courses, in addition to an important dimension which is increasing any corporation's ability, through its mangers and staff, to develop small and remote communities which, in turn, strengthen its role in Egypt's economic development locally and internationally


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Students are awarded at the end of the program the MBA degree from the Canadian University without leaving Egypt, unless the student shows a willingness and ability to visit Canada to discuss his/her graduation project.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Upon the completion of Module II, each student is linked with a mentor who is active in community economic development. Mentors provide encouragement and practical feedback to the student until the completion of the program.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Upon completion of Module III, each student is assigned research advisors who continue to work with the student until the final research/case study is completed.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Highly qualified instructors are responsible for delivering courses; 50% of instructors are Canadian, from UCCB, and 50% are Egyptian Instructors.




b.     Master in Business Administration (Since 2004): (in collaboration with Lansbridge University, Canada,)


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Understanding the nature of those who are working in corporations or running their own business and how busy they are, CAST has launched the first online MBA, and online Executive MBA programs in Egypt and the region. These programs enable students to study without affecting their own business.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CAST/ Lansbridge graduate-level program; MBA is designed for working professionals who seek to develop their skills and gain the advantage resulting from high-quality MBA programs. Students will interact with business professionals, experts and peers from around the world. The Master of Business Administration degree program will teach students to create effective management solutions and to think strategically in a global business environment.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CAST access to expertise is not limited by traditional departmental boundaries.


§                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          As a private institution, we are free to seek out course designers strictly for their world-class mastery of their subject matter, rather than their association with a specific institution. We find experts to meet your needs.


c.      MBA / DBA  Post Graduate Program : (Since 2008): (in collaboration with Westbrook University, USA, and Ain-Shames University, Egypt)

CAST introduces Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree as well as Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree (for the first time in Egypt), directly from USA to candidates at their homeland without the need to go to USA to study. Students can get their degree from AIM- Westbrook University in the following areas:


·        Human Resources

·        Hospital Management 



·        Finance

·        Marketing

·        Project Management           



d.     MBA Program  (Since 2008): (In Collaboration with Suez Canal University, Egypt)


·        Human Resources

·        Hospital Management 


CAST and Suez Canal University, Introduce Master of Business Administration for professional who needs to develop their career in the following areas:

·        Quality Management

·        Information Systems 

·        Management



e.      DBA Program  (Since 2008):  (Jointly between World Information Distributed University (WIDU), USA and Suez Canal University, Egypt)


CAST, in collaboration with and Suez Canal University, Introduce Doctoral of Business Administration for professional who needs to develop their career in the following areas:


·        Management

·        Marketing

·        Human Resources



Quality Management

·        Information Systems

·        Finance  


In the Field of Training programs:


a)     Information Technology  Programs:


Ø      Information Technology Professional Diploma (ITP):

§         is a post-graduate, full-time, twelve-month, interactive learning experience that includes a three-month work term. The ITP Program is designed for post-secondary national and international graduates, from any field of study, who are interested in pursuing rewarding careers within the IT sector.


§         In April 2002, CAST uniquely introduced the ITP in cooperation with respectable international and local institutions; Software Human Resources Council (HSRC) Canada, University of New Brunswick (UNB), Canada, IBM Egypt, and the Egyptian Ministry of Communication (National Telecommunication Institute- NTI).


§         The ITP is the World's #1 Information Technology Professional Diploma, as recognized by top industry specialists & executives in world leading corporations (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, IBM).


§         From day one, students in the ITP Program work together on IT-related projects and requests for proposals within a organization called the Millennium Corporation, a business simulation that allows students to participate as both employees and managers within a virtual company. Students are given the opportunity to use their current and applied knowledge of business and technology to solve reality based business problems.


§         Both streams included in the program; the MCSE Stream, and the CISCO Stream, was successfully delivered in CAST Campuses in both Cairo, and Alexandria, with a total number of 184 graduates.


Ø      The   Information   Technology   Decision   Support   System Diploma   (ITDSS):


§         In May 2003, CAST introduced this advanced training program to the Egyptian Sales Tax Authority (ESTA), in order to prepare the credible personnel with all the capabilities to build a nationwide network, data warehousing, data mining & reporting facility.


§         ITDSS training program is a professional diploma focusing on Business Intelligence, Data Base Systems, and Automated updated Reporting systems in addition to Professional and Interpersonal skills.


§         All these factors are incorporated together to support the decision making process at high executive levels, saving time, focusing onto goals, and directing operations.


Ø      Other training programs in the IT field include:


ü   CAST has a signed agreement with the Ministry of Finance-Sales Tax Authority to offer customized IT training courses to its employees (50 employees for a six-month program). This agreement is valid for 3 years.


ü   CAST started a cooperation program with the reputable leading company in the IT field; IBM, to introduce 4 IT Diplomas for university graduates as a part of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) scholarship program. As an authorized center, CAST's share is 80 trainees for each diploma; a six-month program. The contract is valid, the programs include:

·     Professional IT Networking Engineering Diploma. Including Microsoft's (MCSE) Certification

·     Professional IT Networking Administration Diploma including Microsoft's (MCSA). Certification


·     Professional IT Application Development Diploma. Including Microsoft's (MCAD) Certification


·     Professional IT Solution Development Diploma. Including Microsoft's (MCSD) Certification


ü   CAST has signed agreement with Faculty of Engineering in Matarya- Helwan University, Egypt, according to which CAST will offer students, graduates, and staff, IT courses and diplomas, business certificates, and language courses. It is estimated that the 8000 students, in addition to graduates and staff, will be a good market for CAST's programs.


ü   An agreement of the same type has been signed with the Engineering Syndicate.



b)     English Language Learning Programs:


1-     English Language  for  Individuals: 

Since 2003 CAST has introduced its English Language Learning programs to individuals in Egypt, and through its partners in Gaza Strip (International Center for Mediterranean Studies) and in Saudi Arabia (Future Experts). The programs include:

a.      Conversational English,

b.      English for Business,

c.      English Exam preparation, and

d.      Teaching English as a Second Language Diploma.


2-     English for corporation and organizations:

Understanding the needs of organizations to have employees with good level of English skills, CAST has developed several language programs such as:

·     CAST Language Preparation & Computer skills for School Teachers: In 2005 CAST in collaboration with Ain Shams University (ASU), General Technology Inc. (GT) responsible for the European Donation Program in Egypt, and Ministry of Education presented its comprehensive preparation program for school teachers.

·     The program include: Conversational English, TOEFL Preparation, and Computer Skills (Windows, Microsoft Office, and Internet). The numbers of graduates was approximately 120 trainers.


·     English Programs Delivered to Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA): To satisfy the growing needs to improve the English proficiency level of ETA staff, CAST delivered to more than 200 trainees consecutive English courses to ETA trainees. Courses included: Conversational English, Regular English, and English for Special Purposes.


·     English Language and Computer skills courses to Airliquide: in 2006, Canadian Academy for Advance Sciences and Technology offered Airliquide employees English language program to develop their language proficiency skills. The program included Conversational English with additional focus on basic writing.


CAST offered as well Airliquide its computer skills program to ensure their ability to deal with documents processing and contact their branches of the company locally and worldwide.


c)      Arabic language courses for non natives: (Since 2003)

Since 2003 CAST provide Arabic Language course for non native. Arabic language course are customized according to customer need. CAST provide a Varity of Arabic Languages course that suits the needs of different customers. These course include standard Arabic course and Egyptian colloquial Arabic


d)     French Language Course: since (2004)

Since 2004 CAST presents French Languages Course. French course are available at different levels according to students language professions. French course available as general course and conversation courses as well preparation course for (TCF) (Test du connaissance du Français) and (DALF) (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) Exams.


e)     Business Skills Courses:(Since 2006):


CAST introduced the following Skills Development  courses and Training programs for candidates working in a Varity of professional fields such as:







1)     Professional Programs for Bankers in Collaboration with Institute of Canadian Bankers; (Associate Institute of Canadian Bankers- AICB):



§         CAST offers, in collaboration with the Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB), the Associate Institute of Canadian Banker (AICB). The AICB is an internationally recognized designation signifying that the graduate trainee is a competent, confident and informed professional in the financial services industry. It demonstrates the trainees’ industry professionalism and is a testament to enriched skills in their chosen area of specialization.


§         The flexible program offers a choice of 10 Certificates of Achievement, as well as the AICB designation, which the trainees need to maximize job performance and further their careers. Three courses will lead to a Certificate of Achievement in one of 10 available specializations while to become eligible for the AICB designation, the trainee must complete:


·        A total of six courses; one from each knowledge area and the other three from     any knowledge area. The knowledge areas available are:

o       Workforce competencies

o       Client advisory services

o       Compliance and customer care


o       The trainee must have one year of financial services experience or complete the AICB Integrative Project.



2)     CAST Taxation Courses.


§         CAST has recognized an increasing need in the market for specialized individuals working in the taxation field. Accordingly, it has developed a wide range of specialized tax courses to be delivered through its campuses in Cairo and Alexandria; these courses include:


a)     Income & Real-estate Taxation


b)     Accounting standards with influence on Taxation according to Law 91 of 2005 (Income Taxation Law)

c)      Effective Methods for Taxation Crisis Management according to Law 91 of 2005 (Income Taxation Law)

d)     Upon completion of these courses, trainees gain the required knowledge towards optimum performance in the Taxation field, and expand their area of knowledge through applying information to real cases used as examples during the course.


3)     Management Programs:


§         CAST offers Professional Business courses to trainees who are willing to develop their Business Skills and attain workable knowledge through introducing various business concepts to learners using our instruction methodologies and highly equipped facilities.  Each of the available diplomas programs provides the learner with the necessary knowledge of relevant business concepts and techniques that help him/her in daily business interactions. Diplomas are available in:


a)     Human Recourses Management

b)     Sales and Negotiation Skills Management

c)      Geo - Marketing


4)     Accounting Programs:


§         CAST offers different levels of accounting programs that cater to any person interested in furthering their education for employment in this field, whether looking to work for a large corporation or a small private firm. Each program incorporates the core courses required for a successful entry into this field and adds additional courses as required by the level of education the student pursues. These Programs are:


a)      Certificate of Managerial Accounting (C.M.A)

b)      Canadian Diploma in Accounting (CDA)

c)      American Professional Certificate in Accounting (APCA)

d)      Comprehensive Accounting Systems Diploma (CASD)

e)      Advanced professional Diploma in Accounting (APDA)








f)                   Currently in Process programs


Diploma in University Teaching (DUT) in cooperation with North American Institutions


§         The purpose of the Diploma in University Teaching (DUT) is to provide opportunities for novice and experienced teachers from any discipline to examine and apply theory, research and practice that support scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning. The concept of ‘making student learning central’ is foundational to the DUT program.

§         The learning outcomes for the DUT program will be achieved through in-class and asynchronous online discussions, self study, peer presentations and relevant learning assignments. By the end of the program participants should meet outcomes that are fundamental to reflective and scholarly teaching practice. These are:


§         articulate personal beliefs about teaching and learning, teacher and learner;

§         examine characteristics of the teaching-learning environment, including issues of diversity (educational and cultural),ethics and integrity;

§         apply teaching and learning theory, research and practice to your academic discipline;

§         address practical issues related to instructional design and course delivery;

§         use a learner-centered approach to teaching and assessment-as-learning; and,

§         Give and receive feedback critical to the ongoing development of teaching practice.


§         The learning assignments will aid in the development of (a) a teaching portfolio or a learning portfolio, and (b) the composition of a self-reflective paper as evidence of your values concerning ongoing personal and professional development.

§         The program consists of six (6) workshops and there will be two weeks of directed web discussion. Each workshop is organized around central themes and topics. The program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the learning needs of the participants. There are a variety of ways to meet program requirements which will be identified via an individualized learning plan. Participants are expected to attend at minimum 75% of the program sessions.


§         The Diploma in University Teaching is open to all registered full- and part-time graduate students, preferably those with some teaching experience, seasonal and contract instructors, and full-time faculty members.

g)     C) Health Care Programs (Currently in Process):


§         In the year 2008, Faculty of Nursing – Cairo University, has signed an agreement with (CAST), in the purpose of developing & enhancing the level of education & training of Nursing College graduates on both Professional & Academic paradigms.


§         As a result of this agreement, the following outcomes has evolved:


§         Developing & implementation of an up to date, Educational & Testing Facility of (Objective Structured Clinical Examination)-OSCE.

§         CAST has collaborated heavily into the design, installation, and implementation as well as training of Staff of premises of the Faculty of Nursing Cairo University.

§         This facility has been installed into a 400 Sq. area  (Extendable) which is composed of

Ø      (Eight) training & Testing OSCE Stations equipped with the latest required gears for simulation Computerized based training & A control station running the whole operations of registration, training, examination, recording, & broadcasting the required events locally as well as over the internet.

Ø      An integrated video conferencing facility to help delivering educational & training sessions over the internet to target institutions in the Middle East Countries.


Ø      CAST also is responsible for designing & programming the simulation units to the required clinical scenarios.






§         Offering a Qualifying Courses Program for preparing Nursing College graduates for the Registered Nurse (RN) Certification Exam

§         The Faculty of Nursing-Cairo University, in the course of its mission to develop high caliber nursing expertise to serve the healthcare field, has collaborated with CAST in presenting Qualifying Courses to help Nursing graduates willing to enhance their career in passing the Registered Nurse (RN) Examination successfully.


§         The Qualifying courses for (RN) are to be delivered in Egypt as well as Arab Countries, in collaboration with (CAST), who has established A Specialized Educational Facility within the premises of the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University to deliver these courses to the students wherever they are, without the need for them to leave their home countries, using the latest Information Technology & communications' systems to implement this goal.



§         Offering Three programs for specialized Nursing diplomas in different Specialties:


§         Also CAST has collaborated with the Faculty of Nursing-Cairo University, in designing & offering Professional Diploma Tracks in rather important & badly needed areas of nursing practice. These Diploma tracks would train Nursing College Graduates in Egypt as well as Arab countries to a high level of professional practice.

Ø      Professional Nursing Diploma of Critical Cases & Emergency.

Ø      Professional Nursing Diploma of Critical Cases & Emergency in Pregnancy & Childbirth.

Ø      Professional Nursing Diploma of Family Health.


§         These Diplomas are delivered in Egypt, as well as Arab Countries in collaboration with (CAST), using the same Specialized Educational Facility, mentioned above, within the premises of the Faculty of Nursing-Cairo University to deliver these Professional Diplomas' courses to the students wherever they are, without the need for them to leave their home countries, using the latest Information Technology & Communications' Systems to implement this goal.



CAST's Consultation Services



Ø      Cast has designed the Full solution of one of Egypt's largest, & most recent Computer Based Training Center, belongs to the Egyptian ministry of Finance, as well as supervised the whole procedures of its construction, built on a 2000 Sq m area.


Ø      Also CAST has designed the Full solution of six subsidiary Computer Based Training Centers, belongs to the Egyptian ministry of Finance, in six different Egyptian governorates as well as supervised the whole procedures of their construction; each one is built on a 800 Sq m area.


CAST's Solution Development 


Ø      CAST has collaborated in the development of Remote Teaching E-Learning tool used in association with the sophisticated video conference technology and facilities to deliver Interactive Educational content across networks.


Ø      CAST has designed and developed EXAM simulation software (QESoft) to be used in preparing students for MCQ based Exams like Microsoft, Cisco & the Like, along with other high-tech teaching methodologies represent a market barrier.


Ø      CAST E-Book:  


An important step towards strengthening the E-university concept, CAST has successfully created a radical development in the traditional university textbook; CAST introduced an electronic fully Interactive Bilingual Framework, (in both Arabic and English), which enhances the learning process & knowledge gaining of readers and learners.

§          As part of its mission to improve the quality of education in Egypt, CAST has cooperated with Ain-Shams University, Egypt to develop and improve an electronic education system that would contribute to the enhancement and progress of the educational process.

§          In the purpose of developing the educational multimedia (E-book), the following procedures should be implemented respectively:

1.    Prepare the outline and content of each course by the course professor.

2.    Create a digital copy of each course material.

3.    Revise the created digital copy by course professor.

4.    Analyze each course to create the appropriate audio/video components of the course.

5.    Include the required graphs, pictures, figures, etc.

6.    Create and design the interactive interface that will be used by students.

7.    Produce the final copy of the electronic

8.     Review the content of the electronic material by course professor.



Ø      The Online CAST  E-University System

The e-university system provides students with electronic class notes to be downloaded and printed. Courses are uploaded on the system. Each registered student is given password and user name to access course materials also the CAST E-University System provide the students with the following:


ü      Take notes from any available lecture.


ü      Copy, cut, and paste any part of the lecture.


ü      Send and receive e-mails from professors and colleagues in the same course.

ü      Send assignments to professors and receive their feedback.


ü      Check their academic progress online.

ü      Be in direct contact with the professor regardless of time and place.


To ensure quality teaching process, and smooth transfer of information and knowledge between students and their professors, the CAST E-University also allow the professors to


ü   Help/cooperate with the system administrator to add/upload, and update course materials, activities, and quizzes.


ü      Get information about any of their students.


ü      Send and receive mails from students/learners.


ü      Determine for how long each student has been logged on to the course (students' attendance).


ü      Develop an interactive learning community for each course.


ü      Make direct contact with each of their students/learners at the assigned office hours.